Welcome to Hot Take: The Game

It's a game of quick thinking and terrible opinions.

We'll give you a headline guarenteed to break the internet - but can you argue it for longer than your friends?

How to Play

Each round, you are given a new article to pitch. It starts with the algorithmically generated (well, randomised) headline - and you have up to sixty seconds to improvise an argument of it.

You are also provided with three 'bonus keywords' - and if you manage to successfully any of those include those in their argument, you get bonus points for each one.

This is judged by another player, who takes the role of Editor. They're also in charge of the timer.

Other players can interrupt your Hot Take by shouting "STOP PRESS!" and the timer is paused. They can do this if they think you’ve hesitated for too long or if you’ve gone too far off topic. If the editor disagrees, the timer is resumed and you can continue. If they agree, that’s the end of your turn.

You get a point for every second you speak before the timer runs out and 10 points for each keyword you weave in.

And if you want an extra way of seeing your challenge - connect up to a Chromecast to get your article pitch on the big screen!

Hot Take

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